• Anxious moments
  • Cuddles and cries
  • Daily struggles
  • Endless hours
  • Family time
  • Getting going
  • Help when you need it
  • Inspiration
  • Just moving forward
  • Killing time
  • Lounging around
  • Moving around
  • Neuro-diverse
  • Overstimulation
  • Procrastination
  • Quiet places
  • Real solutions
  • Strategies
  • The underestimated
  • Under the weather
  • Very bad moments
  • Working through it
  • X-rated language
  • You you're worth it
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's
  • every moment,
    we've got you

At Aybe, we bring evidence-based and easily accessible solutions for the global community of neurodiverse kids and their families

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Our mission

You and your family’s experiences are unique so we’re not about prescriptive processes and “perfect” outcomes.

We’re here to help you find your own way: to connect you to others who are working it out too, bring you trustable information and share a few handy tools that are scientifically backed.

A – Zzzzzz

Whether you’re handling an Anxious moment or looking for a few Z’s,
we’ve got you.

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Who we are

Co-founded in 2021 by Freddie, Pierre & Ami, Aybe was created with our own families in mind. We know that getting help for neurodiversity can feel both overwhelming and highly limited.

Our roots are in the music industry: we have seen first-hand how powerful (and scientifically validated) the right music can be to help a wide range of neurological and behavioural challenges.

Further research has shown just how much there is to explore beyond traditional clinical therapeutics.

Our vision is to improve families’ lives with positive connections and accessible solutions.

Freddie, Pierre & Ami

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