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ND Creator Spotlight: Stories That Never Stand Still

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Stories That Never Stand Still is a book for young people living with ADHD, by people living with ADHD. 

Image Credit: Studio Anorak/ Elise Gravel


Created by people with ADHD for people with ADHD, Stories That Never Stand Still is a collection of real-life stories and expert insights charting the exceptional experiences of people with ADHD. Developed in collaboration with a range of UK patient advocacy groups and initiated and funded by Takeda, this book aims to inspire, educate and empower young people living with ADHD and those around them including their families, teachers and healthcare professionals.

Image credit: Studio Anorak/Iris van Ekker


Image Credit: Studio Anorak/ Ryan Bubnis


Stories That Never Stand Still was created to give each reader an opportunity to learn about the positives of having an ADHD brain while also suggesting ways to support with the negatives, in the hope of raising awareness, reducing stigma and shining a light on the achievements individuals can accomplish when living with ADHD.

Image Credit: Studio Anorak/ Kay Wilson


Image Credit: Studio Anorak/ Ryan J Pizzza_


Accessible to all, the e-book is available for free download here.

Made by Takeda, in collaboration with ADHD Foundation.

Published by Studio Anorak & Edelman.


The ND Creator Spotlight is a series where we showcase the excellent work created by neurodivergent creatives. Are you a neurodivergent creator who would like us to share your fun graphics or videos in our app and website? Let us know if you’ve seen any cool content that the ND community need to see!

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